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Oh Wowwwwww

I just found a shitload of my old Sailor Moon stuff from back when I was into it. Found my wand, stickers, my CCG cards. I know I have full set of the dolls somewhere, unless one of my brothers stole them. (Dunno why but they have stole stupider shit before..like my Hello Kitty Stationary )

Say what you want about Video Games....

But....yeah I have yet to see this kind of absolute insanity over a video game fandom. Hell, I think NARUTO FANS are less insane than this shit!


And they say VIDEO GAMES cause violence and that we all need to pick up a book. HA!


I googled 'Chibi Silent Hill 2' to try and find a little funny webcomic I liked only to find the artist banned from DA for trolling.

And I haven't saved any of the comics. Crap. I had a bunch saved when I had my first harddrive in this computer, but that one blew out... damn.

EDIT: Found all the comics, they're still on DA, but they're not listed on the artist's banned profile page...so that's lovely, trying to save almost 300 pages of comics by a rough search.


I just watched the trailer for Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
And while it looks SOMEWHAT promising, something in me twitches the wrong way as I see what seems to be no more 'Dark World' but 'Ice World' in Silent Hill. O....Kay....something new, but be interesting. Then we have the thing were there's more aspect on running and hiding than fighting, alright...they're swiping shit from the Clock Tower series...still not mind breaking....then we get to the end and...

Dahlia is a stripper......


I...I got nothing....I...I seriously...got nothing.....

Poking Humor at Silent Hill 5

"No! I must kill the demons" he shouted
The radio said "No, Alex. You are the demons"
And then Alex was a Pyramid Head."

Silent Hill 3: MIND POWERS